Butch Robins

(banjo - 6/1967, 9/2/1977-7/3/1981)
Photo by Jim Peva.

Born: 5/12/1949

As a Blue Grass Boy: Butch Robins first joined Bill Monroe's band shortly after graduating high school in 1967. Homesick and disillusioned by working conditions, he stayed only a few weeks. In 1977 he returned for a second stint, beginning with the Monroe Homecoming festival in Rosine over the Labor Day weekend. This time he remained almost four years, recording on the "Together Again" and "Master of Bluegrass" albums.

Recording Sessions: 1/24/1978, 1/30/1978, 2/8/1978, 2/3/1981, 2/4/1981, 2/19/1981

Before and After: Robins returned to professional music in the early 70s, playing with Charlie Moore. He joined New Grass Revival for about a year, playing bass, then returned to the banjo with Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper. After leaving the Blue Grass Boys in 1981, he formed the Blue Grass Band. He has recorded several solo albums, including "Grounded Centered Focused" which features some of Monroe's last studio recordings.

Further Reading: Butch's autobiography, What I Know 'Bout What I Know, can be ordered from his website or from amazon.com.

Links: Butch Robins' official site