Cleo Davis

(guitar, mandolin - 8/1938-9/1940)
Publicity photo circa 1939. Click for full version.

Born: 3/9/1919    Died: 7/17/1986

As a Blue Grass Boy: The very first Blue Grass Boy hired, in August 1938. He and Bill rehearsed together for several months, then moved to Asheville and began performing on radio station WWNC. He was a member of the band when they made their Opry debut. He left the band shortly before the first recording session. He can be heard on the 1939 live recording of "Muleskinner Blues" that appears on the "Music of Bill Monroe" boxed set, playing rhythm on the mandolin while Bill plays guitar.

Before and After: After leaving the Blue Grass Boys in late 1940, Davis moved to Florida and began performing on radio station WLAK. He entered the service during World War 2, but returned to WLAK after and continued performing there for about fourteen years.

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