Clyde Moody

(guitar, mandolin - 9/6/1940-1941, 1942-12/1944)
Publicity photo circa late 1940s.

Born: 9/19/1915    Died: 4/7/1989

As a Blue Grass Boy: Clyde Moody joined the Blue Grass Boys shortly before their first recording session. He was featured on that session singing "Six White Horses", an blues-based original. He also has the rare distinction of having played mandolin on a Blue Grass Boys session, as he provided the rhythm chops on the first recording of Muleskinner Blues while Monroe played guitar. He may also have played mandolin on "Dog House Blues" from the same session. He left in 1941 but returned the year after, staying until the end of 1944.

Recording Sessions: 10/7/1940

Before and After: Moody remained on the Grand Ole Opry as a solo performer for several years after leaving Monroe's band. Several waltzes he recorded became hits, leading to his title of "The Hillbilly Waltz King".

Honors: North Carolina Music Hall of Fame (2011)

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