Howard "Howdy" Forrester

(fiddle - 6/1942-10/1942, 12/1945-3/1946)
Publicity photo circa 1942. Click for full version.

Born: 3/31/1922    Died: 8/1/1987

As a Blue Grass Boy: Howard Forrester, nicknamed "Big Howdy", played fiddle with Bill Monroe in 1942 before being drafted. On his discharge in late 1945, he returned for a second stint of a few months.

Before and After: Prior to joining Monroe's band, Howdy was a member of the Tennessee Valley Boys, a group that also included Fiddlin' Arthur Smith. After leaving the Blue Grass Boys, Howdy played for a few years in Tulsa and Dallas, with bands that included his wife Wilene ("Sally Ann") and his brother Joe. In 1951 he and Wilene moved back to Nashville and Howdy went to work for Roy Acuff. He continued to play with Acuff's band until 1987, featured on the Grand Ole Opry even after he had retired from touring.

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