Jack Cooke

(guitar, bass - 1958-1959)
Photo by Jim Peva.

Born: 12/6/1936    Died: 12/1/2009

As a Blue Grass Boy: Jack Cooke was the guitarist for the Blue Grass Boys from 1958 through the end of 1959. He recorded on three sessions but did not sing on any. He continued to fill in frequently over the next few years, including the 1963 tour on which Del McCoury first played with Bill.

Recording Sessions: 12/1/1958, 1/30/1959, 11/25/1959

Before and After: Jack Cooke's first professional work in music was playing bass for the Stanley Brothers in the mid-50s. He led his own band in the Baltimore area in the early 60s, and then in 1970 he rejoined the Clinch Mountain Boys, now led by Ralph Stanley following Carter Stanley's death. In 2005 he marked his 35th year as a member of Ralph's band. Jack retired from the Clinch Mountain Boys just a few months before his death in 2009.

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