Mark Hembree

(bass - 7/16/1979-6/1984)
Photo by Kay Durham

Born: 1954

As a Blue Grass Boy: Mark Hembree was a Blue Grass Boy for almost five years, playing bass and singing the bass part in quartets. He recorded Bill Monroe's classic instrumental album "Master of Bluegrass".

Recording Sessions: 2/3/1981, 2/19/1981, 12/23/1982, 1/6/1983, 1/26/1983, 1/27/1983, 2/1/1983, 2/22/1983, 4/20/1983, 5/4/1983

Before and After: Mark Hembree was a member of the second edition of the Monroe Doctrine before joining Bill Monroe's band. After his time as a Blue Grass Boys, he cofounded the Nashville Bluegrass Band and played with them from 1984 through 1988, recording their first three albums. He later returned to his home state of Wisconsin where he has played bluegrass with the Nob Hill Boys and Western swing with the Western Box Turtles.