Ralph Lewis

(guitar - 7/4/1974-5/1976)
Photo by Jim Peva.

Born: 4/25/1928

As a Blue Grass Boy: Ralph Lewis joined the band in the summer of 1974. He stayed for almost two years, including tours of Japan and Europe, and appeared on the "Weary Traveler" album. Lewis, who plays fiddle and mandolin as well as guitar, would occasionally put down the guitar in concert to play twin fiddle alongside Kenny Baker.

Recording Sessions: 3/10/1975, 3/11/1975, 3/12/1975

Before and After: Ralph led his own band, the Carolina Pals, for many years before joining Bill Monroe. He left the Blue Grass Boys in order to spend more time with his family, which he still does today, playing with his sons Marty and Don in the Asheville, NC based band Sons of Ralph.

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Mountain Xpress article, 1998