Randall "Randy" Franks

(fiddle, bass - )
Randall Franks with the Blue Grass Boys, The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI. © 1984 Randall Franks, Peach Picked Publishing. Used by permission.

As a Blue Grass Boy: Randall Franks was a Blue Grass Boy for about a month; he replaced Kenny Baker after the band returned from a Japanese tour on which Tater Tate filled in on fiddle. Franks played fiddle, except on songs he was less familiar with; on those, he switched to bass and Tate, who had been in the band longer and knew more of the repertoire, took over the fiddling. He was still in school and returned to finish rather than pursuing a full-time career at that point. He continued to perform frequently as a guest performer with the Blue Grass Boys throughout the rest of Monroe's career.

Before and After: Randall Franks has continued to perform and record bluegrass and Southern gospel music, but is perhaps best known as an actor. He played Officer Randy Goode on the television series "In the Heat of the Night" from 1988 to 1993.