Wayne Lewis

(guitar - 5/1976-5/1986)
Photo by Jim Peva.

Born: 3/17/1943

As a Blue Grass Boy: Wayne Lewis was the guitarist and lead singer for the Blue Grass Boys for ten years, making him the longest tenured on that instrument, a few months more than Tom Ewing. Despite his long tenure with the band, he was relatively under-recorded as a singer; Bill recorded one instrumental album and three albums featuring guest vocalists during that time.

Recording Sessions: 10/20/1976, 10/21/1976, 7/25/1977, 7/27/1977, 7/28/1977, 1/24/1978, 1/30/1978, 2/8/1978, 2/3/1981, 12/23/1982, 1/6/1983, 1/26/1983, 1/27/1983, 2/1/1983, 2/22/1983, 4/20/1983, 5/4/1983, 5/2/1985, 5/6/1985, 5/7/1985, 6/10/1985, 6/17/1985, 3/17/1986, 3/18/1986

Before and After: After many years as a part-time musician, Lewis' first full-time job was with Ralph Stanley in 1974, followed by Lillimae and the Dixie Gospelaires in 1975. Lewis left the Dixie Gospelaires to join Monroe's band. Since leaving the Blue Grass Boys, he has led the Wayne Lewis Band. He also performs with the Cumberland Highlanders and co-hosts their television series on RFD-TV.

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Interview by Jim Moss