A Tribute to Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys

Some of the main print sources used in compiling this site:

  • Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine is essential for anyone interested in the history of bluegrass music. If you find this site at all interesting, you should subscribe to BU. Of particular interest are the "30 Years Ago This Month" column, started by Neil Rosenberg and now written by Tom Ewing, as well as Walt Saunders' "Notes and Queries" column.
  • Bluegrass: A History, by Neil Rosenberg, is the definitive book-length history, scholarly but also very readable. I recommend it highly.
  • Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys: An Illustrated Discography, also by Neil Rosenberg, published in 1975, is long out of print. However, a new, much expanded edition, by Rosenberg and the late Charles K. Wolfe, is due to be published soon.
  • The liner notes to the five Bear Family boxed sets of Bill Monroe's recordings, by Rosenberg and Wolfe with contributions from Don Roy, Eddie Stubbs and others, are another excellent source of discographical information.
  • The Bill Monroe Reader is a collection of essays, articles and interviews, edited and thoroughly annotated by Tom Ewing.
  • Can't You Hear Me Callin' by Richard D. Smith is the most complete biography of Monroe yet published, though not without some inaccuracies.
  • Bossmen by James Rooney is a dual biography of Monroe and Muddy Waters, published in 1971. Monroe's story is told in his words and those of his band members.
  • Howdy Folks Howdy, compiled by Doug Hutchens, is a 32-page booklet of stories and photos contributed by former Blue Grass Boys. Further volumes are planned.
  • America's Music: Bluegrass by Barry Willis features extensive quotes from a large number of bluegrass musicians. As a reference work, though, it must be used with caution due to its many inaccuracies resulting from uncritical reiteration of other published sources.

Most of the above are available from amazon.com (purchase through the links above, and I will receive a small commission) or from County Sales, a business I highly recommend; their prices on the Bear Family boxed sets are the best I've found anywhere. CDWolf.com is another excellent source for Bear Family releases. I have no connection to either County Sales or CDWolf except as a satistfied customer.