3 Mustaphas 3

Friends, Fiends & Fronds

Omnium, 1991

Another one of those odds & ends collections that has just enough new material to hook in the real fans, but isn't really the best introduction to the band. I'd still point folks unfamiliar with this pan-ethnic world beat cover band to the excellent "Heart of Uncle" album. Still, this should be of interest to more than just the completists. On the downside, six of the thirteen tracks have been heard on LP in one form or another, and including two mixes of "Linda, Linda" seems superfluous. However, the extended mix of their Balkan rap "Fiz'n" is essential. The new tracks include "Niska Banja", a cacophanous live collaboration with a brass band; an upbeat Turkish tune; and a smooth ballad in Indonesian. Not essential Mustaphas, but a nice snack to tide us over until their next real album.

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