Spinal Tap

Break Like the Wind

Dead Faith/MCA

I think you really need more context than just the album provides to fully appreciate Tap. The movie "This Is Spinal Tap" provided the context for the first album, but for this one interviews must suffice. In one interview, for example, they reveal that the opening track, "Bitch School", is not in fact a misogynistic screed; it's just about a dog. And their explanation of "Just Begin Again" is much funnier than the song itself, which is an all-too-plausible power ballad; the funniest thing about the song itself is that Cher sings on it, and doesn't seem to have gotten the joke. Spinal Tap have always played their heavy-metal satire very deadpan, but sometimes that backfires as their music becomes indistinguishable from the dreck on MTV. Standouts here are the bombastic "Majesty of Rock", the psychedelic "Rainy Day Sun" (alleged b-side to "Flower People"), "The Sun Never Sweats", and Nigel's appalling sing-along- with-the-guitar solo on "Springtime". About half the material misses the mark entirely, but satire is like baseball, and even a .300 average is damn good.

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