Floyd Ethridge

(fiddle - 1943, 1949)

Born: 3/28/1908    Died: 8/15/1981

As a Blue Grass Boy: Floyd Ethridge was touring with Bill Monroe in 1943 when Don Reno first met Bill. Whether he was a Blue Grass Boy at the time, or a separate act in the tent show, is not clear. He worked with Bill again in 1949, replacing Benny Martin, and was replaced by Gene Christian when he left.

Before and After: As a young man, Floyd Ethridge performed with Fiddlin' Arthur Smith. In the 1930s he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry as a member of the Crook Brothers band, replacing Kirk McGee. He may have also played with Paul Warmack's Gully Jumpers, another of the veteran Opry string bands. He continued to play locally until just a few years before his death.