Richard Greene

(fiddle - 2/1966-3/5/1967)

Born: 11/9/1942

As a Blue Grass Boy: Californian Richard Greene joined the band early in 1966 and played with Bill for about a year, including the band's first overseas tour, to England in the summer of 1966. He appeared on the album "Blue Grass Time", but it was through live performances that this lineup - which also included Peter Rowan, Lamar Grier, and James Monroe - made its biggest impact. Greene's wild fiddling led Monroe to comment, "Richard is adding a lot to bluegrass. It's hard to keep him from adding too much."

Recording Sessions: 10/14/1966, 11/3/1966, 12/6/1966, 12/16/1966, 1/23/1967

Before and After: Richard Greene joined the Greenbriar Boys in 1964, and met Monroe through that band. After leaving the Blue Grass Boys, he played with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, then founded the folk-rock fusion Seatrain, where he was later reunited with Peter Rowan. He has also recorded with the Greene String Quartet, and in 1995 returned to bluegrass with The Grass is Greener, a group that included Bill Keith.

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Interview by Jim Moss