A Tribute to Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys

This site has been compiled by Stewart Evans. At the present time it is very much a work-in-progress. Any additional documentation, error corrections, or other comments are very welcome at the addresses below.

The primary sources of information for this site have been print references; see the sources page for details.

Many thanks to the following for their contributions:

  • Doug Hutchens, whose own Blue Grass Boys research has been ongoing for over twenty years and supplied many previously unknown names and dates. His booklet of stories and photos, "Howdy Folks Howdy", is available from him or from other former Blue Grass Boys.
  • Tom Ewing for much fact checking and encouragement, as well as for his column "30 Years Ago This Month" in Bluegrass Unlimited.
  • Jim Peva for photos from his many trips to Bean Blossom.
  • Gene Lowinger for photos from his collection.
  • Tom Adler for sharing the research he is doing for a forthcoming book on Bean Blossom. I'm looking forward to its publication.
  • Michelle Durham for sharing her photos.

Thanks also to the members of the bgrass-l mailing list, whose discussions provided the spark for this research.

I'm still looking for photos of many of the Blue Grass Boys for their profile pages. Anyone who can provide scanned images, or prints, which I would be happy to scan and return, please contact me. Please do not send copyrighted photos unless they are your own work or ones for which you hold the copyright.

I am also looking for documentation of show dates, locations, and personnel. Please contact me if you have information to offer.

Text and compilation of this site is copyright © 2002-2018 by Stewart Evans. Photographs are used by permission of their owners, who retain all rights.